About Mrs. Wilson




smiley I am Mrs. Kathy Wilson and I am very proud to be part of our Lincoln School community as a Special Education Teacher. This is my 4th year at LINCS and my 16th year as an educator, but I wish I had discovered Whitewater and LINCS earlier! I love that our guiding question is always, "What is best for students?"

I live in Fort Atkinson with my husband, Mike, and our dog, Ginger. I am originally from Milwaukee and have lived in Ohio, New Hampshire and New York before coming back to Wisconsin. I studied to be a teacher at Marquette University and Alverno College. Before I became a Special Education Teacher, I taught general education middle school math.
We have a son who lives in North Carolina and works at Discovery Place Museum while attending graduate school. Our youngest is in the marching band at the University of Minnesota, our middle daughter is an outdoor environmental educator in Northern Minnesota and our oldest daughter is a weaver who also works in agricultural commodities in downtown Minneapolis.

-My favorite food is gnocchi (nyoh-kee), it is Italian and so am I.
-My favorite color is blue and I am excited to see the new crayola color Bluetiful.
-My favorite music is anything I can dance to, especially at school.
-My favorite book is Peter Pan.
-My favorite TV show is Sherlock on PBS.
-My favorite inspirational quote is from Mother Teresa, "Let us begin."

What do Special Education Teachers do?
enlightenedMy job is to help students learn, lead and inspire others.

Which students do I work with?
heart I typically work with students in Grades 3 & 5, but you may find me in the lunchroom, recess or in any classroom where students need a little extra help. Sometimes, I work with a small group in our Resource Room 115, but I also co-teach math and reading in general education classrooms. Usually I work with students who have an IEP, but since I am in so many classes, I am lucky to be able to teach any students who are in the class.

What is an IEP?
mail An IEP is an Individualized Education Plan that is a legal document that identifies academic, social and behavioral goals for students who have a disability that affects their learning at school.
An IEP Team meets at least once a year to celebrate student success, set new goals and decide if additional support is still needed. This document can be changed at any time at the request of the student's family.

Who is on the IEP Team?

smileylaughcoolThe IEP Team is made up of the student, their family, a general education teacher, a special education teacher (That's me!) and any other people that provide support at school. It could be a speech and language specialist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, audiologist, nurse, principal, social worker, guidance counselor, psychologist, reading specialist, English Language Learner teacher or special education aide. We all work together to help students be successful at school!


How do you contact me?
mail Families are welcome to contact me at any time. I look forward to working together to make this year a successful one!


Mrs. Kathy Wilson
Special Education Teacher 
Room 115
Lincoln Elementary School (LINCS)
Whitewater Unified Schools