March 17, 2020




I already miss seeing all of you and it has only been a few days! Please take care of yourself and your family and know that I will be thinking of you - a lot! I look forward to all of us learning together again.


Here is a packet of activities to help you keep on learning even when you are not at school. Your classroom teacher put together another for you. If you meet in my room for a class, then I have included some practice sheets for that subject. I am attaching a suggested schedule, which is also available on my webpage with links to online learning. You don’t need internet access to complete the activities in the packet. I know that this can be overwhelming, but your families will help you decide what to do and what is best for your learning. I will either text, email or call after break to see how everyone is doing. Families can contact me either via email or by my cell phone. I would love to see pictures of how you are learning at home.


While the practice sheets are helpful, this is a great time to learn in so many different ways. If I had one suggestion it would be to read, read, read, read, read and read a little bit more. Math and reading is part of a lot of everyday things that your family already does at home like: cooking, doing laundry, planning to shop, as well as budgeting and counting money. Take the time to be creative and make challenges to use things you find around the house, build a fort, paint, create a scavenger hunt, dye eggs, write a play or make puppets. Don’t forget to keep moving. Stretch, do wall push ups, play catch, jump and get outside for some fresh air.


Most importantly, hug your family.


With love,


Mrs. Wilson



Mrs. Wilson’s Suggested Learning Plan for at home learning


Suggested Times for each day


More to do


30 minutes 

Dreambox online

Moby Max: Math

Solve me puzzles


Math Videos:


Mr. DeMaio


Khan Academy (Grades 4 & 5 assigned through Google Classroom)


Practice packet

Play 2 card war (add, subtract or multiply the 2 cards)

Count money

Sort and classify similar and different objects

Flash cards

Legos, blocks 

Measure and cook


30  minutes

Epic online 

Storyline Online


Reading passage

Reading passage:

Day 1: underline interesting words, read to self

Day 2: Read out loud and answer questions

Day 3: Read again and write down  2 “I wonder” questions


Writing prompt (complete sentences)

Sight word cards

Social Studies (Grade 4 & 5)


20 minutes SS




20 minutes Science

National Geographic Kids 




(grades 3,4,5)

20 minutes Science


Mystery Science 

Mini Lessons

Grade 3

What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

Why do cats purr?

Can animals get a sunburn?

Why is the sky blue?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?


Full lessons w/ hands on activities

Grade 3

Where can you find whales in a desert?

Why do dogs wag their tails?

What's the best way to get rid of mosquitoes?

How can you keep a house from blowing away in a windstorm?

What makes bridges so strong?


National Geographic Kids 


Mystery Science 

Mini Lessons

Gr 4

How do earthquakes happen?

Can you make lava?

Could a mountain turn into a volcano?

How do broken bones heal?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Full lessons

Mystery Science

Grade 4

Could a volcano pop up where you live?

How could you survive a landslide?

Why do your biceps bulge?

How does your brain control your body?

Where does energy come from?

Cook, explore outside, follow the weather channel, use maps, make a treasure map


Mystery Science Mini lessons

Grade 5

Why would a hawk move to New York City?

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Why do the stars change with the seasons?

How much water is in the world?

When you turn on the faucet, where does the water come from?

Full Lessons Mystery Science Grade 5

Gr 5

How do things glow in the dark?

How deep does the ocean go?

How old is the Earth?

What is a black hole?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

Free Choice time


Brainpop (log in: linces, password: linces)




Storyline Online



Moby Max

PBS Kids

Chess kids