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NBC 15 Shout Out!

NBC 15 LogoWe have been nominated for a NBC 15 School Shout Out!  For those who might not know what this is, let me explain.  On the morning NBC 15 news each morning they show a school saying “good morning!”.  We have been chosen, and the news crew will be out on Tuesday, January 16th to film our school (K-5 students). 

PLEASE have your child(ren) wear their LINCOLN SHIRTS or a BLUE or GREY shirt.  This will help us unify our “shout out”!  They will let us know when this will actually air on TV and then I will get that communication out to you so you can watch if you are able!

If you do NOT wish your child to be on this “Shout Out”, please let your child’s teacher know (if you filed a NO PHOTO form with our school- your teacher has already made contact with you).
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